Ruger Air Magnum .22 Review

Ruger Air Magnum .22 Combo Scope

The Ruger Air Magnum .22 offers several features and has been heralded by some customers as the best air rifle that they have ever used. For a relatively simple weapon, it does offer plenty for those who are interested in small game hunting, getting rid of pests, and target shooting. In this review, we’ll cover some features and also some of the Pros and Cons of the Ruger Air Magnum .22 Air Rifle from Umarex.

Ruger Air Magnum .22 Features

  • Single Shot Cocking Mechanism
  • Spring Piston Break Barrel
  • 4 x 32 Airgun Scope w/Mounts
  • Front Sight: Fixed Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable Fiber Optic
  • 1200 FPS w/Lead Pellets, 1400 FPS w/Alloy Pellets
  • Auto Safety Features


Muzzle Velocity & Power

This Ruger Air Magnum .22 offers an impressive 1400 FPS with alloy pellets which makes it quite powerful for its caliber and air gun family. Admittedly, lead pellets weigh considerably more than alloy and may be easier to find for many shooters so the 1200 FPS would be more accurate for their particular needs. What can be stated is that this Ruger Air Magnum air rifle does pack plenty of muzzle velocity and considerable power which can be felt on every shot.

Ruger Air Magnum .22 Break-Barrel With ScopePrice & Overall Value

The price listed for this Ruger Air Magnum .22 review runs from $159 to $220 depending on which retail store you purchase the weapon and not including shipping or other outside charges. When you consider the features that the Ruger Air Magnum combo air rifle offers, the price is very reasonable and matches the overall value of the weapon itself. It may be fair to say that the overall value may be on the lower end of the price scale for now, but the construction and durability of the rifle may prove itself over time to be quite valuable.

Ruger Air Magnum .22 Site and Stock

Customer Reviews

For the most part, the vast majority of the customer reviews for the Ruger Air Magnum .22 have been quite favorable. In particular, the power and accuracy of the weapon have been noted along with the craftsmanship. For many customers, the emphasis on accuracy has made this the prime choice rifle for small game, getting rid of pests, and target shooting. However, the overall intuitive design means that it only takes moments to understand and use all the features that this particular weapon offers.

There is a considerable amount of recoil with the gun which may not make it as suitable for teens or those who are just starting out. However, it is easy to adjust the sights and the safety mechanism is superb for those who want to avoid accidents from occurring. For the purposes of the Ruger Air Magnum .22 review, customer response has been overwhelmingly positive with only a few mentions of defective parts or small issues such as it being a little noisy for an air rifle.

Ruger Air Magnum .22 Trigger

Pros & Cons

There are a number of positive attributes that customers in particular have mentioned about the Ruger Air Magnum in general. However, the four most prominent are as follows;

  • Accurate
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Safe

The accuracy up to 150 feet and beyond has been expounded upon before which may be why the rifle is so popular. However, the power of the rifle is also quite notable which is perfect for small game hunting or getting rid of pests around the home. It is also quite durable thanks to the solid construction and use of a synthetic stock. However, perhaps the best reason to own the Ruger Air Magnum .22 is the excellent safety features which make it perfect for older teens and adults who have not used the weapon before.

There are very few disadvantages, although the barrel is arguably a bit long that may make it somewhat unwieldy for some. However, the length of the barrel does add to the overall accuracy. Plus, it is just a tad loud compared to other air rifles of similar caliber. Still, this is a minor nit at best.

Concluding Thoughts

All things considering in this Ruger Air Magnum .22 review, this is an exceptional rifle that has a place in most every home. Ruger went the extra mile to create a superb air rifle that is quite powerful for its caliber and accuraTte enough to be used for different situations. This may be the best air rifle of its caliber on the market today.

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