Honest Hatsan 95 Review

When it comes to meeting expectations, the Hatsan 95.22 air rifle offers a number of excellent attributes that make it a potent weapon. This spring-piston Breakbarrel single shot rifle with the rifled steel barrel, Quattro-2 adjustable match trigger, and other features make this a remarkable weapon. In this Hatsan 95 .22 review, it will cover all the major aspects of this air rifle, including customer views and the overall quality of the weapon itself.

Muzzle Velocity & Power

This is a .22 caliber weapon that packs the appropriate amount of muzzle velocity and power common with other .22 caliber rifles. The maximum velocity is 800 fps which is about right for a weapon of this caliber, particularly an air rifle. The rifled barrel, fiber optic front sight, and adjustable rear sight makes this a potent .22 for those just starting out.

Price & Overall Value

The current price of the Hatsan air rifle averages around $159.99 depending on where you make your purchase. The value of Hatsan airguns overall is quite good with a decent resale value depending on the age and wear on the weapon. For those who are reading this Hatsan 95 .22 review to see if this makes for a good investment, the answer is at the current time yes thanks to its overall quality and relatively modest price.

Customer Reviews

Customers are almost universally in praise of the Hatsan 95 for a number of reasons. The overall quality, simple operation, accuracy, and numerous features make this one of the most remarkable weapons of it type in quite a while. Normally, customer reviews focus on the small things that are missing or perhaps the overall quality of the weapon. In this case, there seems to be nearly universal agreement that the Hatsan95 .22 is simply one of the best on the market today thanks to its combination of accuracy, performance, and price.

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle ReviewPros & Cons

There are a number of attributes that makes this particular air rifle worth having. This is especially true for those who enjoy target shooting hunting small game.

  • Accuracy

  • Power

  • Durability

  • Price

Of all the compliments that the Hatsan95 .22 has received since its release, the one that stands out above the rest is the accuracy. This is a very well crafted weapon that shoots accurately time and time again which is important for a .22 air power rifle. In addition, you can really feel the power of the rifle when shooting which is also quite important. Many air rifles tend to be rather light on power, but you can actually feel it when firing this .22.

The wood stock and excellent materials that make up the Hatsan 95 give it a unique state of durability that is not all that common with air rifles. For the most part, traditional gunpowder weapons are more durable in nature, but this particular .22 is very well constructed and under normal use conditions will last for a long time. Finally, the price is just right for a weapon of this overall quality which many have considered a bargain.

There are very few, if any real disadvantages when it comes to this Hatsan 95 .22 review. There have been a few complaints concerning defective weapons which are common with all products, but it doesn’t seem to afflict the Hatsan airguns in general. In fact, other than the lack of a rifle sling which is slightly annoying, but nothing worth complaining about there is no real weaknesses to this particular product. It is very well constructed, intuitive to use, and provides the shooter with everything needed for this caliber of weapon.

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle ComboConcluding Thoughts

What can be stated in this Hatsan95 .22 review is that the rifle is very well crafted, accurate, and perfect for target shooting and small game hunting. Its durable construction, smooth lines, and overall craftsmanship means that it can take the standard amount of bumps, impacts, and scrapes just like other .22 caliber rifles without any undue stress.

For those who are looking at filling out their collection with a small caliber Hatsan air rifle, this entry is frankly one of the best. It’s a great starter gun for teens that are just learning how to shoot and the perfect weapon for small game around the home.

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