Benjamin 392 Review

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Benjamin 392 Air Rifle



  • Model Number:  392
  • Pellet Velocity:  Up to 685 fps
  • Alloy Pellet Velocity:  Up to 800 fps
  • Weight:  5.5 lbs
  • Length:  36.75 in
  • Mechanism:  Bolt Action
  • Power Source:  Pump
  • Caliber:  .22
  • Ammunition:  Pellets
  • Capacity:  Single Shot
  • Barrel:  Rifled
  • Front Sight:  Fixed
  • Rear Sight:  Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Safety:  Crossbolt
  • Stock:  Hardwood


There is little doubt that the Benjamin 392 has delivered over the years as one of the best air rifles on the market. In fact, Benjamin air guns have been quite popular for their sturdy construction, accuracy and overall performance. The Benjamin 392 air rifle continues in that tradition, offering sterling service in a simple, durable frame. Though best suited for target practice, the 392 is also well suited for hunting small game or getting rid of small pests.

This particular model from Benjamin comes with iron sights, fixed front, and adjustable rear, but there is also a scope equipped Benjamin 392 and the optional B272 inter-mount which can be used to attach a scope if so desired.


The Benjamin 392 Air Rifle offers a rifled barrel that fires .22 caliber pellets. While the front sight is fixed, the rear sight can be adjusted for elevation and wind. The hardwood stock features a crossbolt safety design and the overall toughness and durability of the weapon comes from the material from which it has been crafted.

Benjamin 392 Close-Up




Muzzle Velocity & Power

The .22 caliber Benjamin Sheridan 392 is a pump-action air rifle which means that its overall power will be decided in large part by the user. If the air tank is fully pressurized, the pellets will fly towards their target at approximately 685 feet per second. However, it is typically not necessary to achieve that velocity.
Overall, the power of the Benjamin 392 is dictated by the owner, but when fully pumped is certainly efficient enough to do damage to the target.

Price & Overall Value

The Benjamin 392 retails for around $220, but it’s currently on sale at Amazon for around $140. At the lower price, this is a very well valued weapon thanks to its overall performance, durability and consistency over the years.
The standard retail price may be a bit high by comparison these days, especially with the popularity of the rifle itself. However, the Benjamin 392 is certainly well crafted and a proven product, well worth the price of $200 or less for this air rifle.

Benjamin 392 Pump Action


Customer Reviews

Overall, reviews for the Benjamin 392 have been decidedly positive. While there have been a few negative complaints here and there, overall the reviews have been mostly positive, noting the overall look and performance of the Benjamin 392 air rifle.
About the only complaints that were sprinkled amid the positive remarks were about the overall power of the weapon. However, these were countered by many more claims by customers that this was a hard-hitting, accurate air rifle for its type. All things considered, the Benjamin 392 has certainly lived up to its praise.

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Pros & Cons


 There are a number of positives associated with the Benjamin 392, including the following;

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Good Velocity
  • Fine Accuracy
  • Solid Durability
  • Adaptable to Different Conditions

Arguably the biggest benefit that this air rifle provides is its durability which is due to the solid materials that are used in the construction process. Many customers have reported their Benjamin 392 air rifles have held up year after year with no degradation of performance or accuracy with only moderate maintenance of taking care of the rifle itself.
The velocity is such that the rifle is well suited for hunting small game, although getting rid of pests seemed a more likely job for this particular weapon. The adaptability comes from being able to fire in many different types of weather conditions and the ability to mount a scope or other type device if need be.


There are very few cons that are outside the design of the Benjamin 392 itself. Of the complaints that a few customers have mentioned;  not as fast as other air rifles, cosmetic damage from poor handling during shipping. Regarding the speed, keep in mind that this air rifle uses a heavier .22 caliber projectile which combined with even a slower FPS, produces decent knock-down power.

Concluding Thoughts

The Benjamin 392 has had a long history of quality and performance, and continues that tradition still today. Great for target shooting and pest removal, this is one air rifle that you’ll be proud to pass down to the next generation.


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